fishBOAT '23

Start with a 3D design:

Where the water line is.

fishBOOT '23 will steer from the nose:

This is a 25 degree turn. Most turns are considerably less.

Intersect the 3D design with 1/2" layers:

Export the 1/2" layers to 4' x 8' PDFs.

Here are images of two of the 8 PDFs.

Have Alpha Graphics use the PDFs to cut the layers in foam sheets that are 1/2" x 4' x 8'. You'll get a package of all 8 sheets which you get to unwrap. Assembling the layers is really exciting! I include registration marks and use Elmer's glue, to lightly glue the layers together.

Starting to look like something! I'll sand this, apply fiberglass, let it cure, and remove the foam from inside the fiberglass.