fishBOAT: swim like a fish

One powered moving part.

Efficient, quiet, durable, inexpensive.

Capable of extreme depth -- no drive shaft punctures the hull.

Patented and patent pending around the world

A human-powered craft, the fishBOOT, lead to:

the fishBOAT drone! (both above and below)

Art is an creative act which evokes an emotional response or embodies an idea. What do you feel when you see this? What ideas does it embody? Is this art?

This is my art project, which lead to the fishBOAT drone. How to connect a motor to a fin, without a lot of parts? Let your creativity run wild! Think about creative ideas like the Pump-a-bike (which can only start off of a dock) or Hobbie's Mirage Drive (which has friction in its drive-train). Here is my answer! I call it the fishBOOT, because you wear it, like a boot. It is really easy to do! Much easier than SUPing! In this craft, I learn about how fish interact with waves and about how important flexure is in the tendon which connects the fluke to the hull. I'm going to do a Kickstarter to build a new one with refinements. You'll be able to support my Kickstarter and receive rewards like a T-shirt, full-size plans to make your own, fun parts, like the fluke, a half-hour consultation with a patent attorney (me), a fishBOOT for yourself!

I call this "Polywog". It is simple on purpose.

This is a prototype, to test and demonstrate capabilities of this technology. Picture a drone which can swim across the bottom of a muddy tide-flat, navigate through piers, and interact with messy environments that would disable a propeller-driven craft. How power efficient will it be? Let's find out!