fishBOOT '23

Start with a 3D design:

Where the water line is. 

fishBOOT '23 will steer from the nose:

This is a 25 degree turn. Most turns are considerably less.

Intersect the 3D design with 1/2" layers:

Export the 1/2" layers to 4' x 8' PDFs. 

Here are images of two of the 8 PDFs. 

Have Alpha Graphics use the PDFs to cut the layers in foam sheets that are 1/2" x 4' x 8'. You'll get a package of all 8 sheets which you get to unwrap. Assembling the layers is really exciting! I include registration marks and use Elmer's glue, to lightly glue the layers together.

Lightly sand the components, to take the edges off, and start to fiberglass!